Welcome to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai is an ancient walled in city at 1000 foot elevation

Welcome to Chiang Mai
Like the sign says, Welcome to Chiang Mai
This is a courtyard of a very old and very cared for temple
These sign bearing cows have likely been greeting guests for a very long time

A very old temple
Thailand has thousands of Temples, big and small, old and new, plain and fancy

Welcome to Chiang Mai
This is one of the canal / moats that protected the ancient city

Welcome to Chiang Mai
This is the remains of a very old fort
at one of the corners of the moat

Pork dinner at restuarant set up on a sidewalk
This was one of the best dinners I had in Thailand
The pork had been cooked a long time and was very tender
And the seasoning was minimal to really taste the slow cooked pork
The two chefs took turns rendering the meat from the skin and bones
This "cafe" had about a half dozen vendors set up on a big sidewalk,
With tables in the middle for everyone to use. Sir down outdoor street food!

House Kitchen
This restaurant called House Kitchen, had the best food in Thailand
The seating is in the converted living room of their house
There are plants and fans and shade cloths to make it a nicer place to eat
Get their Tom Yum Kha soup, it has all the best flavors of Thailand!

Tuk Tuks
These are the Taxi's of Thailand called Tuk Tuk's, spoken like to tuck in your shirt
They always quote tourists with the highest prices, because they can
There are no meters, you just agree on a price and they expect you to talk it down!
Man, I would love to drive one of those down the streets of Ventura!

Bar in Chiang Mai
There were many stores in Thailand where I no idea of what kind of store they were
On the other hand, I had no problem with knowing what this place is!
But don't go there between 3PM and 6PM, they will be closed by federal law!

colorful elephants
The people of Thailand have a thing about elephants
There are colorful renditions of them all over
This one was seen at the mall with her purse and anklets

Hot Dog Bread
OK, this thing is made from an American style hot dog bun in every respect
And it has what looks like a custard or cream filling, but it's not
It's a mix of gritty sugar and margarine, one of the most disgusting textures
And the hot dog bun, like all hot dog buns, has no flavor at all!

A Lineman's Worst Nightmare
This is the biggest nightmare of a linesman
All of the phone and internet wires at the bottom are all the same color
There are power lines that look just like the internet and phone wires!
And they converge from every directions making it almost impossible to follow one wire
And then you have wires with extremely lethal voltage right above you!

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