Welcome to the island of Phuket, Thailand
With miles and miles of beach after beach,
and an ocean that is warmer than the air in winter!
Like the sign says, Welcome to Phuket
Luckily, it is not pronounced like it looks, say "Poo kay"
Careful because they drive on the other side of the road!
Welcome to Phuket

This is the main street through Sarin. It has a fancy Best Western hotel.
And many shops and restaurants with menus in English first, Thai second and sometimes Russian.
Sarin beach shops

This is what many beaches in Phuket look like
I could only see a half dozen people on a mile or more of beach
Bangtao Beach

I went in the water at every beach, this one has some nice waves!
There is nothing else in the world like warm ocean waves splashing you
A wave at Patong Beach

This is Patong beach, I think it is the second largest city in Phuket
This main street is 100% bars, gogo bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and massage parlors
And the hotels are all by the mountain so every one has to walk past to get to the beach
Putong Beach sign

The beaches by the cities do have a lot of people and things to do.
Patong Beach has parachutes pulled by boats and jet skis for rent
Merchants carry their wares across the sand with food, ice cream, drinks and souvineers
people on the beach

This is one of the beachside cafes that is right on the edge of the sand
They serve whole crabs and seafood rice in a pineapple bowl, yummy!
And a cold beer to finish off the day and watch the sun set into the sea
people on the beach

This was taken at the end of a long day at the beach, my last day in Phuket
Out of the four days that I was in Phuket, this was the only bright sunny day!
I would have been really upset if I didn't get that one full day of sun!
Steve on the beach
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