One of America's most awesome places
Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley
If you enter Yosemite National Park from the south, this will be your first view of Yosemite Valley
The air was cool and crisp and clean,
and the scenery pretty spectacular

Half Dome wearing a pink sunset
Half Dome is usually is the last surface lit by the sunset because of it's 8,836 foot elevation
It's like a huge canvas of infinite images, depending on a wisp or a whim of a cloud
This Half Dome picture clearly shows a left facing profile of George Washington . . .
or Paul Revere? . . . or the Quaker Oats man?

steps to Vernal Falls
These are the steps up to Vernal Falls

Nevada Falls Panorama
Stopping to enjoy the view on the way down from Nevada Falls

Yellow Maple leaves
Its late October and the Maple leaves turn a bright yellow

Tent Cabin
This was my tent cabin for four nights
It rained two nights but I did have a heated tent cabin with lights, an AC outlet, towels and a real bed with blankets so life was good.

fallen tree roots
Massive Sequoia tree roots from a toppled tree

The Grizzly Giant, 2010
It's a massive tree, the Grizzly Giant

The Grizzly Giant, 1985
Hey, here we both are from 25 years ago, same pose and everything,
neither one of us seem to have changed that much

Hiking for Fitness, Ventura College
My Hiking For Fitness class from Ventura College, 2010

meadow 1
A large meadow from the Four Mile Hike trail

Picture of Four Mile Hike trail switchbacks
This is looking down at some of the trail switchbacks that I just walked up
Most of this trail is made of short switchbacks like these

meadow 2
The same meadow from higher up on the trail

Yosemite Falls as seen from the 4 mile trail
Here is what Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls looks like from the 4 mile trail
I want to see the falls in the spring after a wet winter

At the 3 mile marker on the 4 Mile Trail in Yosemite
This is a view of Yosemite Valley from the 3 mile marker lookout
One marker says 1.8 miles up to Glacier Point and the other one says 3 miles down to the valley floor.
They should have called it the 5 Mile Hike!!

meadow 3
I think I'm at least 3/4 of the way up at this point
The meadows and the entire valley are looking smaller than they were

Excellent panorama view from Glacier Point
Finally made it up to the top of Glacier Point
Here is the view of Half Dome and Nevada Falls,
only one of the magnificent vistas from Glacier Point.
The only way to get a better view is to climb Half Dome.

Half Dome
I walked from all the way down there to all the way up here!

Picture of Vernal and Nevada Falls from Glacier Point
Here you can see the proximity of the two waterfalls
I would recommend going up to Nevada falls if you are able

Upper Yosemite Falls
This is Upper Yosemite Falls as seen from the trail of the same name
The trail to Upper Yosemite Falls is a long constant uphill for a few miles
You only get your first glimpse of the falls toward the end of the trail

doe, a deer
Saw many deer on this trip

This one was not at all concerned about the humans all around him.

Merced River Valley
The Merced River Valley on a wet drive home
Thanks for looking at my Yosemite pictures!


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