Yellowstone National Park

Another one of nature's most Amazing places!

picture of Old Faithful erupting
The pride of the park and the most famous geyser is Old Faithful
She has erupted every 56 minutes or so for years and years
This picture would have looked a lot nicer set against a blue sky,
but there was a storm moving in so I only had this one photo op

Super hot boiling water
This geyser is underneath a large pool of water
and the water is boiling from the steam
This one violently splashes its boiling water several feet into the air every few seconds!!

a boiling water hole
There are thousands of these in Yellowstone,
constantly boiling all day every day even when it's freezing out and snowing

Yellowstone National Park fire damage
I visited Yellowstone National Park in 1989
There was a great fire in 1988 that burned a lot of the Park
Mile after mile of burned and blackened tree trunks as far as you could see
It looks very sad but it is a necessary part of nature

A people vs Yellowstone moose confrontation
There are many large and beautiful solid golden meadows like these
These three people are looking at what looks like a moose
and the moose is looking back!
I have no idea of what was going on

Winter in Yellowstone National Park
I was there in late October and it was a bit nippy!
Look at how perfectly the snow was cleared from the sidewalk,
do you think this was done by man or mother nature?

A buffalo walking alongside a road
This guy was just casually walking along the side of the road,
like he was curious to see where the road went

Lone Buffalo in a field
This buffalo has a field all to himself
and all the grasses he can eat for generations

Thanks for looking at my Yellowstone National Park pictures!


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