These are some of my vacation pictures!

Taken in September, 2006

Presenting: Vancouver, Canada

Downtown Vancouver is a mix of old and new,
as evidenced by the reflection in this modern building.
Building Reflection

This modern building has it's own reflecting pool and waterfall.
Building Waterfall

This wedding cake style of building has many large patios.
It is next to the bay and facing North Vancouver.
Many of the residential buildings have this green tinted glass.
Wedding Cake Building
This is the famous Steam Clock in the oldest section of Vancouver.
This clock is over 100 years old and is powered by steam!
You can see the wheels and levers and weights that make it work.
The 4 steam whistles on the top of this clock play Westminster Chimes every hour and half hour!
Steam Clock

This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.
Not only is there a 20 to 30 foot tall tree growing near the top of this building, but it looks like the building itself was built with the intention of hosting a tree.
Tree Building

The natives of this part of Canada are known as the Induids
They established many trading posts and erected these statues of balanced rocks as a welcome sign and to mark their locations.

Someone, possibly a descendant of Induids, balanced these rocks.
There is no glue or adhesives holding these rocks in place!
Induid Balanced Rocks

Downtown Vancouver is on an island and has a vary large port that can accommodate more than one ocean liner.
There were also numerous docks with hundreds of sailboats in various locations all around the perimeter of the city.

These colorful totem poles are in Stanley Park.
Totem Poles

This is the Lion's Gate Bridge
It connects the north end of Stanley Park with North Vancouver.
Lions gate Bridge

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