Sequoia National Park
A Thousand Giants that are a Thousand Years Old!

Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park
This is a typical parking lot in Sequoia N. P.
The massive size of these trees are awe inspiring,
even before you get out of the car

The General Grant Tree in Sequoia National Park
This side view does not do justice to this tree
It would probably take 30 people hand in hand to surround this tree

The General Grant Tree in Sequoia National Park
This is the back side of the General Grant tree
The roots of these trees run very close to the surface,
the fences are there to protect the roots from foot traffic

The John Muir Lodge in Sequoia National Park
There are many lodging options available in Sequoia N. P.
The John Muir Lodge has traditional hotel rooms
The comfortable lobby has a fireplace and free Wi-Fi

A Rustic Cabin in Sequoia National Park
For those on a budget or those who want to be a bit closer to nature,
you can stay in a cabin like this one
You even get your own shaded patio with a wood stove and picnic table!

pictures of Sequoia Trees
Nature's majestic skyscrapers
Some Sequoia trees in the park are over 2000 years old!

Giant Sequoia roots
This massive tree had its insides consumed by fire
Time and wind and erosion finally brought the dead carcass onto its side

fallen Sequoia tree
Here is a side view of this massive walk through fallen tree

I am standing inside a tree
The bark of giant Sequoias is very fire resistant, but the core is not
Once the bark is breached, the entire core of the tree may perish
That is what happened to this tree and its why I can stand inside of a tree

walk through Sequoia tree
The park built their walkway right through the tree!

four Sequoias in a row
There are a lot of trees lined up in rows for some reason

several trees with a common root system
Sometimes seedling Sequoias take root too close together
The root systems of the two trees will connect and grow together
so that both trees share the nutrients of both root systems!

Thanks for looking at my Sequoia pictures!


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