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The first poem is called LIFE

A Pampered rosebush in a garden
Wild flowers in a meadow
Have a single common purpose
To perpetuate the species

Some so beautiful and fragrant
others plain and unattractive
They are equally important
Every living thing is sacred

To live and grow is the objective
And to share what has been learned
The fruition of existence
Is realized in procreation
That's when a life has gone full circle

By Steven Kahn     1988

The next poem is called Steve's Song

Green hill, smelling sweet
Where you sit with the grass
in your nose
Sunshine's radiating strength
exactly the color of children
waving in and out of dreams
their heads and hands in the air
Playing with clouds.

innocent and wise, gliding
swift like birds across the sky
rising, falling softly
Together, their eyes ready
to smile, where you sit
with the grass

Your knees under your chin
embracing the world you watch
coming alive almost as if you
were directing
every instrument
even though you know it's not
Your orchestra.

all the voices reach your ear
in the gentle wind, swaying like
an ethereal tune
You join in.
Where you sit with the grass
forever in your nose.

By Suzanne Marks     1970

The next poem is called Linda's poem

With just a little bit of effort
Water, seed and light of day
You can grow a humble garden
and start new life on it's way.

Can there be a greater feeling
then the pleasure you receive
When you waken life itself
from a dormant sleeping seed.

Life and growth are so amazing
and so beautiful to see
you can help a tiny sprout
become a large and fruitful tree.

By Steven Kahn    1987

The last poem is called At the end of your rope

The time will come at the end of your rope
You'll sit there and wonder and feel like a dope

You'll pick a direction and there you will go
You've made your selection but you still do not know

What kind of substance will satisfy that
That hollowed out feeling, I don't know where it's at

You know how it started, but how will it end?
The question keeps coming, again and again

You want it to stop, you want it so much
But it seems like you'll always be feeling it's touch

How can you escape? You must get away
You will not continue, this must end today

But it still remains, It's still going strong
It cannot continue, it cannot be long

The moment is here but will it pass by?
Oh No, you can't let it, you surely would die

The conclusion is drastic, but what can you do?
Everyone's waiting, It's all up to you

The instant is here, and instantly gone
And then you remember, it's only a song

So sing your song lightly and keep in your head
Don't spend your time dying until you are dead!

By Steven Kahn     1970

The End


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