These are some of my vacation pictures!

Taken in September, 2006

Presenting: Minneapolis

Minneapolis has many beautiful parks with lush foliage and plenty of water.

This park is called Minnehaha Park, named after a famous Indian from the area.
There is a river, a waterfall and a long glen that empties into the Mississippi.
Mississippi River in MN

While walking through the Minnehaha Glen, we came upon this massive tree.

Big Tree

There are also many interesting buildings in Minneapolis like this one.

My sister has a crab apple tree in her back yard.
As you can see, there are more apples than you would ever need!
She tells me that deer can often be seen enjoying the apples
There was even a wild turkey that wandered into her yard to eat the apples!

Here is a picture of me with my brother and sister.
The three of us can't get together very often because my sister lives in Minneapolis,
I live in California and my brother lives in Cambodia!

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