Miscellaneous Pictures

A beautiful orchid grown by my friend, Don

This rock crab was caught not too far from shore.
He was caught by fishermen looking for lobster.
These crabs were lucky and were thrown back into the sea !
Rock Crab

A Tree Spirit
an artist has given new life to a fallen tree
Tree Spirit

Q. Which way are you going, North or South?
A. It depends, which road are you on?
North or South

Ever wonder what a 215 pound yellow fin tuna looks like?

A Standing Rock
I have no idea how this freak of nature was created.
This rock is about 25 feet tall !
Standing Rock

The Colorado Plateau
This looks like something from a road runner cartoon
All of the mountains in this area are the exact same color
Balanced Rock

Kissing Rocks
This natural formation looks like 2 birds kissing.
The trail goes right through this archway and the arch is at least 20 feet tall !
Kissing Rock

Here is an incredible picture of Jupiter
The colors are computer enhanced, but it's still amazing.
The black spots are eclipses caused by some if it's 11 moons.

Here is a clever way for one man to profess his love
I Love You building


Here is a sunset from my patio taken on New Years Day, 2007
Extreme Sunset

Reno, Nevada
There are a lot of good sunsets to be seen in Reno
Extreme Sunset

Los Angeles, California.
I forget exactly where this was taken but I know it's L.A.
L.A. Sunset

The next two were taken in Oxnard, California.
Oxnard Sunset

I think these very unusual clouds, especially the ones at the bottom of this screen, were the result of rocket tests that were fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Oxnard Sunset #2

This is sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
Taken in California while riding on the Coast Starlight Amtrak train.
Grey Sunset


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