The Cosmic Lobster highly recommends taking a hike in Ventura County!

Arroyo Verde Park
or click here for Sandstone Peak

Arroyo Verde Park is located in the City of Ventura

Arroyo Verde Park
This is the huge meadow at Arroyo Verde Park
There are BBQ's, picnic tables and playgrounds
Your dog can also enjoy the off leash park on certain days

Arroyo Verde Park meadow as seen from the trail
Here is the meadow as viewed from the trail
On a clear day you can see the Channel Islands
There are trails on both sides of the meadow and way up into the canyon

Trails in Arroyo Verde Park
Here is one of the long uphill trails
With long gradual uphills and steep downhills in one direction
or steep uphills and gradual downhills in the other direction,
or moderate hills in both directions,
you can custom tailor your workout
There's not a lot of shade so early morning or late afternoon are the best times to hike

hiking trails in Arroyo Verde Park
Notice the small trail on the left that goes to the top of the mountain.
Its steep but the view is worth the effort
I usually do the full loop first and then the easy loop as a cool down lap
It takes about 45 minutes to do the full loop

California Redwoods in Arroyo Verde Park
There is a small stand of Coastal Redwoods in the park
You can get together or have a picnic in the natural scent of Redwoods

Thanks for looking at my Arroyo Verde Park pictures!

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