Some friends of the Cosmic Lobster

It's Me with Martin Scheen !
taken in 1984 in Paris
Martin Scheen

My best friend Lee Lurie
Saying "hi" to a statue in Geneva, Switzerland.
Lee Lurie

More Lee Lurie
Saying "hi" to a store prop in Paris
Lee Lurie

This is Lee with a friend
We were at a rock concert in Germany.
Lee Lurie

My first real girl friend
This is Ellie

This is Ellie almost 40 years later!
Still looking good!
Ellie 2004

Another friend for many years
This is Linda
Linda by a tree

My college co-ed sweetheart
This is Hildy
College Co Ed Hildy

It's Me and Bill Whitlock
with Reno, NV, WAY in the background
me and Bill

This is NOT a Cosmic Lobster


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