Family pictures of the Cosmic Lobster

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This is Me and my Dad
I was a year old
This is my Mom
Taken in the 50's
It's my Mom and Me
Taken on my 50th birthday, 01/01/2000
Mom and Me
This is my brother Stan and his family
My niece Alexis, nephew Gabe and JD
Stan and family
Here is a picture of me and my sister Sharon
Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe is in the background
Me and Sharon at Lake Tahoe
Here is a picture of me in Paris
Notice Le Tower Eiffel on the right
Me in Paris
This is Uncle Hank and Aunt Rae
and my Cousin Ronnie and his wife and 3 sons
Uncle Hank is the last of my dad's 5 brothers
Hank and Rae
This is my Half Brother Jerry
And his lovely Irish wife
Jerry Kahn and wife
A picture of my niece Becky
A beautiful bride on her Wedding Day
Here is a picture of me in Amsterdam
Plenty of places like this in Amsterdam
This is my cousin Hillelah with
Her husband and 2 lovely daughters
Hilelah and family

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