These are my pictures of China

First stop: Shanghai

Pu Dong Airport
The International Airport in Shanghai is named Pu Dong, airport code PVG
It has a really long shiny marble floor that seems to go on forever
and the roof is curiously suspended by cables and poles

Shanghai Mag Lev train to Pu Dong airport
You can take a train or a bus to get from the airport to the city
The train takes about 45 minutes and the bus about 60 minutes
If you are in a hurry or you just like speed, I recommend you take the MagLev
You'll go flying by everything in sight at 268 miles per hour and it only takes 9 minutes!

display inside the Shanghai Airport MagLev train
Each car has a display that shows the current speed
431 Km/h is equal to 268 miles per hour

Shanghai Traffic
The traffic in Shanghai does not always flow in an orderly manor
It looks like every direction has a green light
I saw many intersections like this all over China

5 lanes of traffic turning left
This is a typical intersection of two main streets
Pedestrians have to use the overpass to cross the street
At the top of the picture is a freeway that follows the street below
Two left turn lanes morphed into five lanes in the crowded intersection
and all these cars are trying to merge into two already crowded lanes!

gridlocked cars
The cars are stuck in gridlock at a red light but the scooters and bicycles are not,
they make their own lanes of traffic between the cars to get past them

Shanghai Metro commuters
The streets are not the only place to find some traffic
Big crowds are the norm in a city of twenty one million people
Shanghai has a large network of Metro trains that are clean and modern
They run every 5 minutes and a ride is 2 yuan or about 36 cents
A train just left and this is the queue for one of the stairways

Nan Jing Road pedestrian street
This street is Nan Jing Road, a pedestrian only shopping street
It's over a mile long with wall to wall people the whole way
A sea of neon signs light up the evening sky Las Vegas style

Yu Yuan Temple 2
This is Yu Yuan Temple, built in 1559
It's huge and you can get lost amongst the buildings and passages
The restaurants and snack stands fill the air with a wonderful aroma
and there are many nice stores to buy a souveneer

Yu Yuan Temple
This is one of the interior courtyards
The lake has hundreds of colorful Koi,
that are always looking for a free snack

Yu Yuan Temple
There are many tea houses and restaurants to pick from
This was the view from our table as we had lunch
The bridges zig zag across the water because it is lucky that way
A variety of inexpensive foods and tea and beer are available

Yu Yuan Temple
The Lunar New Year / Spring Festival in China is a big celebration
Streets and stores are filled with decorations, often illuminated
This is Yu Yuan Temple with hundreds of colorful paper lanterns everywhere!

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